Apple Works To Make The iPad Pro 2

Apple has every intention of maintaining its dominant position in the segment of tablets with the iPad Pro, by investing in improvements and resources with which to excite the users of large format. In this sense, the latest reports that have been dedicated to the product speak a noticeable improvement in the ability of the next iPad touch response, as well as the broader support of Apple Pencil along the native iOS apps. The Cupertino know that if they want to continue to be the company that more tablets sold, need, first, keep improving the technology in those qualities that gave him the throne of the segment, that is iOS and the integration of their native apps with the optimized for Tablet and, second, to increase the productive capacity of the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2 2017

iPad Pro 2

The average Bloomberg ahead of two areas of work being of special attention for Apple in its upcoming tablet: on the one hand, it seeks to improve the screen technology, to keep winning immediacy in the tactile response. Today, the iPad are extremely fluid, but there appears to be room for improvement, especially in it comes to zoom with your fingers or to move due to its interface.

Another important point is the Apple Pencil, one of the fundamental tools, along with the keyboard, when making the iPad Pro a team of professional character. In this regard, it will be sought to improve compatibility with more areas and iOS applications. Although the incorporation of screen type AMOLED in the Apple tablet would, in principle, through 2018, coupled with structural changes and important design, the US firm has established a sequence of developments on your iPad Pro to leave behind the crisis in sales that is accused over the past few years. So far, the year course, in addition to the above improvements in display and compatibility of Pencil, we will see a new size, 10.5 inches for the tablet, while neglecting the mini format.

A respectable record, although not always exact, Macotakara suggests that Apple will unify the name of its tablets, to launch three models with suffix Pro only. Confirming the report, that means that Apple would release a new version of the tablet of 12.9 inches (the original Pro iPad), 9.7 inches (formerly iPad Air) and mini iPad, version 7.9 inch tablet from Apple. Then, the mini iPad would call, too, iPad Pro.

Macotakara report coincides to some extent with what reliable firm KGI Securities analyst Min-Chi Kuo said in the past. According to Kuo, Apple will launch three tablets iPad Pro in 2017; the only difference is that Kuo said that tablets would be 12.9, 10.5 and 9.7-inch, not to mention a new generation of mini iPad. Long since, it has been speculated that Apple intends to discontinue the iPad mini, as its size - 7.9 inch - is not very different from the iPhone Plus of 5.5 inches. However, as suggested by Macotakara indicates that the mini iPad live - at least for one more generation.

The latest generation of the mini iPad (which corresponds to the fourth version), was launched in September 2015. The iPad Pro 12.9 inches was launched that same month and iPad Pro of 9.7 inches in March this year. Macotakara added in its report that Apple will keep the 3.5 mm Headphone Jack port in these new tablets, this, despite their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is no longer the port. Also, new tablets iPad Pro would be available in Black and Jet Black, the new colors of the iPhone 7. The Japanese blog says that tablets are lobbying in the spring of the next year, the logical season so Apple releases new models of its tablets.

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