Apple working on iPhone 8

Although the launch of the iPhone, Apple's recent 7 news is already working on the iPhone's hardware 8. According to MacRumors, the next iteration of Apple's smartphone will be in some respects that cut with the past that many have been waiting for: in other words, finally the Cupertino company will present something really new.

The development is taking place not in the United States but the Israeli headquarters of Apple, in Herzliya, where the engineers would be carrying out a smartphone with edge-to-edge display, that is completely free of the frame around the display.

The smartphone's body would be made entirely of glass and the fingerprint reader, which would not have more space because of the Elimination of the frame, would be integrated into the screen, and the same would happen to the camera.

This implies, of course, the disappearance of the Home button, while among other innovations there would be wireless charging and the adoption of the new processor A11. Finally, in addition to the two standard display models (from 4.7 and 5.5 inches) there would also be a model with flexible OLED display.

Apart from this, revealed by an employee signs Israeli, for now were not disclosed other details about iPhone 8.

The man was however let slip a piece of information that might be interesting: was he himself used the term iPhone 8. Given that, according to the evolution of the nomenclature used by Apple to date, one would expect that the next iPhone named iPhone 7S, perhaps the choice of iPhone 8 indicates indeed that we are confronted with something new. More about iPhone 8 news you can visit here.


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