iPhone 7 is Coming!

In the tech-market, the news of the launching of Apple's latest iPhone 7 has created a huge buzz around. It is going to be the latest variant of the Apple's revolutionary iPhone series, and is expected to get sold in the market like hot cakes, continuing the legacy of its pre-variants. The market is already flooded with numerous accessories of the upcoming new iPhone, even before its launch. Here are some of the iPhone 7 accessories available in the market:

iPhone 7
iPhone 7
The exterior design of the iPhone 7S is same as the iPhone 7, but the hardware used inside, from the processor to the camera is latest and superior. The new device is made from an entirely new material and Apple has updated the main technologies such as the vibration engine and the touch screen.

The device likewise has extra features, for example, Calculator, Voice Input, Clock, Reminders, Notes, Calendar, Wallet, Photos. In the box, there will be a Handset, USB Power Adaptor, USB Cable, Apple Earpods with Mic and Remote.

Earlier the websites were just designed to be compatible with the platform and operating system of the desktop PCs and laptops. Later there came the stage of "small is beautiful". Everyone wanted everything to be of the miniature size but without compromising with the utility features. Then there was a big technical leap of merging the mobile phones with the computer and converting them to smart phones.

The Apple iPhone 7S is the 7th generation high-end phone in the line of Apple's flagship phones. But, do you know the main difference between the Apple 5S and 5? Let's have some reviews regarding both.

With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there are virtually no internal differences except for the battery size and the camera. So here's a few things to keep in mind when deciding which iPhone 7 you should spend your money on.

iPhones have some brilliant features that no other phone boost, making it the favorite for all the techno-savvy geeks and youth. Apple's app store has inspired many developers to accelerate the production of feature-rich apps. iPhone application development is one of the fastest growing industries in the market. With the addition of new and more advanced apps the field is enjoying vast recognition from people around the world.

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iPhone manual iCloud Backup Setting

iCloud Backup Setting
iCloud Backup Setting - iPhone is being a specific brand of smart device that now is being spread into the entire earth market. Speaking about the iPhone device, this is supported with a nice technology about backing up the data that we have inside the device. Here, we are going to discuss about the way of iPhone manual iCloud backup. Using iCloud, the data that we have inside our iPhone device will be stored in our virtual account of iCloud. iCloud itself is the supporting application that iPhone made in order to serve the users for having a better stuff for storing the data. Actually there is another application which can be used for storing the data too that is called iTunes.

There are two methods that you can try for the iPhone manual iCloud backup. The first method is using the manual backup and the second method is by using the automatic method. From the first method, we need to have our device connected with WiFi connection first. Make sure that the internet connection is in a good quality. For those iPhone devices that still using the iOS 7 or erlier, we can tap the setting option then choose iCloud and go to the storage and backup. However, for those who already have iOS 8 or later, we can just go to the iCloud and choose backup. Then, turn the iCloud backup button on. Tap the backup now but we have to make sure that we still connected with internet connection.

Taken from iphone7manuals.com : In the end, we can check that the iPhone manual iCloud backup is finished by tapping the setting option and go to the iCloud to storage and manage storage then choose the device. The backup will be shown on screen about the time and the size of the backup data. Make sure that your storage space in iCloud is enough.

iPhone Manually Manage Music With Your Computer

iPhone Manually Manage Music
Are you a new iPhone user? You may confuse how to make your music collection on your old phone copied on your iPhone because there is no SD card slot and you also cannot use the Bluetooth to transfer the music files from your old phone to the iPhone. Do not be disappointed. There is a way to fix your problem. The things that must be prepared are the USB cable for the iPhone, a computer and internet connection. First thing that must be prepared to do the iPhone manually manage music is the ITunes application. This application is the application which has the function to manage the data and also the music on your iPhone.

Then, what you need is copying the music files from your old phone to your computers to do the iPhone manually manage music. After that, you can open the ITunes application and import the music files there. After you have been opened the ITunes application, you can connect your iPhone to the computer. ITunes will detect your iPhone device. After that, you can do the import music file to your iPhone device. It is very easy, right? Now, you can import the music files and enjoy your playlist on your iPhone.

Why do iPhone do this complicated method of the iPhone manually manage music for the device? iPhone is known as the exclusive smartphone that cannot be accessed freely. It does not mean to make you feel so hard but it just for your safety. Using this method to manage the date will prevent the viruses to attack the operation system of the iPhone. It can also make your data not easily get lost because if you want to delete your data, you also need to connect your iPhone to the ITunes. Not only can be used to manage the music file, ITunes also can be used to back up your iPhone data.