Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual & Tutorial

Samsung did a great job with their recent phones Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and to a large extent the success of these two phones from due to the kindness of that enjoy the camera which equipped with these two terminals. Samsung has been able to see it and that's that does not want to be left behind in the technological race and already prepares the camera that will make a difference in the next generation. The first rumors about this phone inform us that Samsung is working very hard on a new camera sensor that will debut with Samsung Galaxy Note 6 or the Galaxy S8.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Manual

Samsung Galaxy S8

And it is that when it comes to opening, a smaller number is always better, since it means that the opening is wider, so it receives more light through the lens and ultimately gives us a better final image. The rumor also makes mention to a new sensor that could raise the number of megapixels resolution, ostensibly from the 12 MP of the S7 Galaxy until the 24 MP of this new phone. Samsung is dedicated body and soul to perfecting their smartphone camera technology, and although it did a super job with Galaxy S7, it is clear that they will not stop there.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be bigger, meaner, and the best Galaxy S, and based on what we have heard so far are much so moved. It is rumored that there will be a faster processor, a more resistant glass, best features, similar price and functionality between the phone and the users. A 4K, technology screen detection of eyes and the interface of Android Pay increase is also expected. The new features will focus on increase security while improving the speed and productivity.

Samsung will improve the eye scanner to be more sensitive and less time consuming. It is expected that Android Auto will become a standard for future release and Android Pay DT along with Samsung Pay as well into a payment system to our terminal. It is likely that Samsung puting the same date of annual release for their upcoming flagships. So most likely is that it will make its debut at Mobile World Congress 2017, and as it is Samsung will make a statement of March if possible. Do you want to know more closer with this device? You should have no worry about it. You can visit Galaxy S8 manual.

Apple Works To Make The iPad Pro 2

Apple has every intention of maintaining its dominant position in the segment of tablets with the iPad Pro, by investing in improvements and resources with which to excite the users of large format. In this sense, the latest reports that have been dedicated to the product speak a noticeable improvement in the ability of the next iPad touch response, as well as the broader support of Apple Pencil along the native iOS apps. The Cupertino know that if they want to continue to be the company that more tablets sold, need, first, keep improving the technology in those qualities that gave him the throne of the segment, that is iOS and the integration of their native apps with the optimized for Tablet and, second, to increase the productive capacity of the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro 2 2017

iPad Pro 2

The average Bloomberg ahead of two areas of work being of special attention for Apple in its upcoming tablet: on the one hand, it seeks to improve the screen technology, to keep winning immediacy in the tactile response. Today, the iPad are extremely fluid, but there appears to be room for improvement, especially in it comes to zoom with your fingers or to move due to its interface.

Another important point is the Apple Pencil, one of the fundamental tools, along with the keyboard, when making the iPad Pro a team of professional character. In this regard, it will be sought to improve compatibility with more areas and iOS applications. Although the incorporation of screen type AMOLED in the Apple tablet would, in principle, through 2018, coupled with structural changes and important design, the US firm has established a sequence of developments on your iPad Pro to leave behind the crisis in sales that is accused over the past few years. So far, the year course, in addition to the above improvements in display and compatibility of Pencil, we will see a new size, 10.5 inches for the tablet, while neglecting the mini format.

A respectable record, although not always exact, Macotakara suggests that Apple will unify the name of its tablets, to launch three models with suffix Pro only. Confirming the report, that means that Apple would release a new version of the tablet of 12.9 inches (the original Pro iPad), 9.7 inches (formerly iPad Air) and mini iPad, version 7.9 inch tablet from Apple. Then, the mini iPad would call, too, iPad Pro.

Macotakara report coincides to some extent with what reliable firm KGI Securities analyst Min-Chi Kuo said in the past. According to Kuo, Apple will launch three tablets iPad Pro in 2017; the only difference is that Kuo said that tablets would be 12.9, 10.5 and 9.7-inch, not to mention a new generation of mini iPad. Long since, it has been speculated that Apple intends to discontinue the iPad mini, as its size - 7.9 inch - is not very different from the iPhone Plus of 5.5 inches. However, as suggested by Macotakara indicates that the mini iPad live - at least for one more generation.

The latest generation of the mini iPad (which corresponds to the fourth version), was launched in September 2015. The iPad Pro 12.9 inches was launched that same month and iPad Pro of 9.7 inches in March this year. Macotakara added in its report that Apple will keep the 3.5 mm Headphone Jack port in these new tablets, this, despite their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is no longer the port. Also, new tablets iPad Pro would be available in Black and Jet Black, the new colors of the iPhone 7. The Japanese blog says that tablets are lobbying in the spring of the next year, the logical season so Apple releases new models of its tablets.

For you who want to know more closer with this device, you can visit iPad Pro Manual.

Apple working on iPhone 8

Although the launch of the iPhone, Apple's recent 7 news is already working on the iPhone's hardware 8. According to MacRumors, the next iteration of Apple's smartphone will be in some respects that cut with the past that many have been waiting for: in other words, finally the Cupertino company will present something really new.

The development is taking place not in the United States but the Israeli headquarters of Apple, in Herzliya, where the engineers would be carrying out a smartphone with edge-to-edge display, that is completely free of the frame around the display.

The smartphone's body would be made entirely of glass and the fingerprint reader, which would not have more space because of the Elimination of the frame, would be integrated into the screen, and the same would happen to the camera.

This implies, of course, the disappearance of the Home button, while among other innovations there would be wireless charging and the adoption of the new processor A11. Finally, in addition to the two standard display models (from 4.7 and 5.5 inches) there would also be a model with flexible OLED display.

Apart from this, revealed by an employee signs Israeli, for now were not disclosed other details about iPhone 8.

The man was however let slip a piece of information that might be interesting: was he himself used the term iPhone 8. Given that, according to the evolution of the nomenclature used by Apple to date, one would expect that the next iPhone named iPhone 7S, perhaps the choice of iPhone 8 indicates indeed that we are confronted with something new. More about iPhone 8 news you can visit here.

Nintendo NX Will Be Launched in March, 2017

Nintento NX Concept

Nintendo announced the Nintendo NX will be out globally in March 2017. It is presented by their side in their financial statements the end of March. Until yesterday, Nintendo gaming platform still uses the code name "NX" as a new concept device.

Mentioned also some title that will come out on Nintendo NX series is a new Zelda and Dragon Quest. Does not rule out also Nintendo will release more games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing, and some other franchise.

What Actually Happened to Nintendo NX?

Until now, there was no sign of Nintendo will soon introduce its new console, which is known as the Nintendo NX.

Perhaps many gamers are curious, surprised, bored even wait for this console that never arrived. Behind all sense it, is actually a very reasonable thing for Nintendo to get extra time in the development of NX. Why is that?

Naturally gamers do not forget that NX was developed by Nintendo since 2014 when the company was under the leadership of Satoru Iwata. And as gamers know, in July 2015, Iwata died-and its leadership replaced by Tatsumi Kimishima.

Obviously this causes a gap wide enough for the process development and production of this new console. Arguably Nintendo NX has been a relay between the two heads project that will require more time and hard work to complete.

For that, perhaps for the moment still seems Nintendo NX internal affairs of companies that have not suitable for consumption by the public.

Wireless Printer for iPad

Wireless Printer for iPad
Apple’s products always have special apps for almost all features. maybe that’s the reason why most of Apple’s product users usually find the typical app include for printing any document from iPad and any other Apple’s devices. As we all know, since 2010 Apple provides the answer of printing. Where in this solution, users are really spoiled with easy way to print data from iPad easily using AirPrint. This is an answer for the mess of printer drivers and Bluetooth pairing. By using AirPrint, users are able to print from iPad wirelessly. Of course this can be only done with printer that is Air-Print-compatible. Commonly most printer manufacturer produce printer that are not only AirPrint-compatible, but also supporting other wireless printing standard. This type of printer can be a good choice for wireless printer for iPad.

There are many products available in the market that can be used as wireless printer for iPad. Now users are not only able to print wirelessly using AirPrint, but also using Wi-Fi printing from iOS with or without Apple’s AirPrint. We recommend you to choose a printer which is not only AirPrint-compatible, but also supporting other wireless printing standard. With this type of printer, you are having more than one choice to print from your iPad, whether with or without Apple’s AirPrint. We will give you clear understanding to follow about printing from iPad with or without Apple’s AirPrint.

Wireless printer for iPad is mostly useful when you need to print email or other document from iPad without using Apple’s AirPrint. No wonder how because here is all you need to know about how to print from iPad or iPhone to a printer without AirPrint. Firstly, you need to have a printer which is connected to a Mac or a PC. There’s an app that you can install to enable you to use AirPrint on an iOS device directly to the printer. After that you can connect a printer to your Mac with Print & Share. Then print over Wi-Fi from iOS using handyPrint. And Finally you can print wirelessly with Printopia. Easy and simple to do. Just remember that the standard printer you choose will definitely affect the printing outcome. Therefore, you need to recognize the visible and invisible features of every printer.

Choosing among vary good wireless printer for iPad isn’t as easy as we thought. At least some important points you should remember are: network requirement and software updates. A wireless printer especially Wi-Fi printer type really need a wireless network to enable the printer, both with or without Apple’s AirPrint. The printing process is only possible when your iPad or other iOS devices are connected to the same network with the wireless printer. This is a requirement to utilize wireless printing from your iPad and other iOS devices. It means if you use mobile provider’s wireless internet services, wireless printing can’t be accomplished. Second is software updates. Wireless printing is only enabled for iPad with some requirement of app updates. Therefore, you need to check your software update to go with this wireless printer so you can print from your iPad whether with or without Apple’s AirPrint.

iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices which are having the required apps and classification are easily use wireless printer. Just recognize every type and feature of the devices to get it connected to wireless printer. There are lots of third-party apps that can help you connect your iPad to a non-AirPrint printer though. The printer manufacturer are working on a better solution to enable easy printing way for iPad and other type of devices.

IOS 9 Upgrade Process Manual & Tutorial

IOS 9 Upgrade Process
IOS 9 Upgrade Process
There are two methods that you can choose to install the update of the IOS 9 which via OTA or iTunes. Here is the iOS manual update.

A. How to Update IOS 9 via OTA

This one method is quite easy yes, why? You do not need iTunes, iCloud or other additional tools (iFunBox or IExplore to Jailbreak iOS devices). But, my own rather suggest an update to IOS 9 using iTunes. Min Why? Yes because the update via iTunes it just wrote like fresh install so, if there is the possibility of a crash via OTA but rarely does. Who want to try this update via OTA can do the steps below.

Note: Jailbreak iOS device can not use this update method!

iPhone 7 is Coming!

In the tech-market, the news of the launching of Apple's latest iPhone 7 has created a huge buzz around. It is going to be the latest variant of the Apple's revolutionary iPhone series, and is expected to get sold in the market like hot cakes, continuing the legacy of its pre-variants. The market is already flooded with numerous accessories of the upcoming new iPhone, even before its launch. Here are some of the iPhone 7 accessories available in the market:

iPhone 7
iPhone 7
The exterior design of the iPhone 7S is same as the iPhone 7, but the hardware used inside, from the processor to the camera is latest and superior. The new device is made from an entirely new material and Apple has updated the main technologies such as the vibration engine and the touch screen.

The device likewise has extra features, for example, Calculator, Voice Input, Clock, Reminders, Notes, Calendar, Wallet, Photos. In the box, there will be a Handset, USB Power Adaptor, USB Cable, Apple Earpods with Mic and Remote.

Earlier the websites were just designed to be compatible with the platform and operating system of the desktop PCs and laptops. Later there came the stage of "small is beautiful". Everyone wanted everything to be of the miniature size but without compromising with the utility features. Then there was a big technical leap of merging the mobile phones with the computer and converting them to smart phones.

The Apple iPhone 7S is the 7th generation high-end phone in the line of Apple's flagship phones. But, do you know the main difference between the Apple 5S and 5? Let's have some reviews regarding both.

With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there are virtually no internal differences except for the battery size and the camera. So here's a few things to keep in mind when deciding which iPhone 7 you should spend your money on.

iPhones have some brilliant features that no other phone boost, making it the favorite for all the techno-savvy geeks and youth. Apple's app store has inspired many developers to accelerate the production of feature-rich apps. iPhone application development is one of the fastest growing industries in the market. With the addition of new and more advanced apps the field is enjoying vast recognition from people around the world.